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Kevin Gordon

Tattoo Artist / Body Modification Specialist / Rock Star


My name is Kevin Gordon. i am a tattoo artist/piercer. i guess you could say im a body modification artist. i was the first person to start offering micro dermal anchors in my county and the surroundings' am a very well rounded artist that specializes in color realism, portraits, black and grey, Japanese, and cover ups. i am red cross certified in first aid, blood borne pathogens, universal precautions, cpr, and workplace safety. i have been doing tattoos for about 7 years and piercings for almost 10.



Permanent Makeup
all body piercings including surface and exotic
Micro Dermal Anchors
Custom Oil Paintings or Acrylic or Water Color
Grafix design for companies
I teach tattoo seminars
I teach art classes
I offer tattoo/piercing apprenticeships



i heart typography

bruce wayne, wonder dog



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Want to learn how to tattoo?  More information coming soon!




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